Technology Tools and Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents

When it comes to selling and leasing commercial property today, the real estate agent has to be up to speed when it comes to all the necessary tools and technologies. Yes you can still be the greatest salesperson on the block or in your local area, but you do need to know how to handle issues of technology and communication. izinkilat Failure to address this issue will see you consistently falling behind in listing opportunity and future commissions.

Today we see many circumstances onespace where the sales pitch or presentation by the agent is seriously lacking from the point of view relating to technology. Some agents continue to avoid the issue of technology and lifting the computer skills from a personal point of view. Yes it does require that personal computer skills and knowledge of software usage improves. legalitas

One thing needs to be said here to balance the relationship between technology and traditional selling. You must be proficient and professional in both skills. They will each be used in the standard presentation with clients today; they will be used selectively based on the client connection, conversation, and sales pitch process.

Here are some ideas to get you started:


    1. It is a requirement that virtualofficescbd you have access to a mobile smart phone that incorporates diary and database tools. This is invaluable in keeping in contact with both the office and your prospects when you are out in the market.


    1. Email on the go is a fact of life today for most professional salespeople. This means that you should be able to receive and send emails anywhere and at any time. Commercial property clients expect that they can reach you conveniently and quickly when required. Make sure that your computer and mobile phone package uses the best online data support for communication in your area. alliedhealthexchange


    1. Laptop communication and presentations are common in the industry. Anytime and anywhere you should be able to use the laptop to show the client or prospect key elements relating to the sale, lease, or marketing of their property.


    1. Software packages that support commercial real estate are easily and economically available for the professional agent. Familiarity with the database entry and enquiry from the database is critical to your function as a real estate agent.


    1. The merging process between the database and the current property listings will allow you to send e-mail marketing information on a regular basis. Diligence is required to generate appropriate targeted e-mail marketing updates to qualified prospects in your database.


    1. The use of presentation software such as PowerPoint and photo images frequently occur in property presentations. Familiarity with the software is part of the process to ensure that you do not stumble or derail the presentation.


    1. SMS Technology should also be part of your client communication and updates. This can be merged into the website and listing strategies that you adopt. For more info please visit:-


    1. Regular contact with the client from your mobile phone is expected today. Delay in communication is no longer acceptable so the results of any deals or inspections should be directed to the client immediately when results are known.


    1. Drafts of marketing campaigns, property advertisements and brochures should be proofed and converted to PDF files for the client to review.


    1. It is not unusual to give the client a private entrance portal to your website where they can access up to date listing and inspection information relative to their property.


  1. Remote connection to cloud based listing data and property ownership information is commonly part of the listing presentation.


There is a fine balance between the usage of technology and the traditional personal selling skills that the client normally expects. The key fact here is that the best salesperson will be proficient and professional in both ways of selling, negotiating, closing, and presenting. Embrace technology and the advantages that it will bring you in commercial real estate marketing.


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